Saturday, August 14, 2010

2010 Wolf Creek Baptist backpacking trip

Wolf Creek Baptist Church's wilderness trip ministry took place on August 11th, this year. We went on a backpacking trip in the Bob Marshal Wilderness from the benchmark trail head. The crew was: Nick and Jeremy Swider, Scott, Hyatt, and Bridger Voy, Jay and Wyatt Darrah, Tyrel Marquis, Levi Coder, Marvin Crush, and Me, Levi and Chase. We hiked in 8 miles on the first day to a base camp. Everyone who fished caught many fish and a few big ones. They cooked all the fish they kept over the fire on a rock oven they made.

We saw deer and elk and some beautiful country. Nick Swider set snares and caught one of the kids. He showed everyone how to make and set snares for survival. The next day, after our 30 minute devotion where everyone went off alone to sit and read the Bible and pray, we relaxed around camp, fishing and hiking. Jeremy started a tradition of eating fish eye balls and everyone thought it was gross but then some of the other kids tried it. I think Bridger ate the most. The kids also tired to make many things including a hot tub and sauna with hot rocks from the fire set in water but none of their ideas worked.

Nick made some kind of a birthday cake for Jeremy's 20th birthday and everyone sang happy birthday. It rained every evening for a few hours. We had Bible study around the campfire in the evenings.

Thursday night the rain came in and never stopped all night. We woke up and most of the kids were wet and some of them slept in wet sleeping bags all night. It was supposed to continue raining all day and the next day so we decided to hike out Friday. It rained off and on but we made the 8 miles back to the truck in good time. It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures and a video:

Sage on the west fork of the Sun river

Jay on the left and Marvin on the right

Scott and Nick in deep conversation


Hyatt fishing on the river, which he spent most of his time doing.

Fish on the stone oven

Bridger carving a stick, which he spent most of his time doing.

Levi Coders shelter

Jeremy and his fish

Nick making snares

Everyone cooking hotdogs for dinner

Sage on the Sun river

Jeremy eating a fish eye

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